Running Water & Port-O-Lets w/ Hand Sanitizer – Near Encampments

For people who are unsheltered and lack nearby access to water, the City of Harrisburg has installed hose bibs onto fire hydrants near 2 encampments.

South 10th & Mulberry Streets

– Running Water

900 block S. Front Street, south of I83 overpass 

– Running Water

The City of Harrisburg has delivered Port-O-Lets to these prime locations. These will be cleaned and re-supplied 3 times-each-week.

2 porta-latrines on South 10th and Mulberry Streets under lighting to facilitate the Mulberry encampment.

2 porta-latrines 900 block of S. Front Street just south of the I83 overpass under lighting to serve the PennDOT encampment.

10 North Second Street Suite 405 - PO Box 2157 - Harrisburg, PA - 17105-2157 - 717-255-6587

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