Coordinated Entry & Referral Tool!

The CACH Coordinated Entry Tool (link below) is Step 1 – of CACH’s Coordinated Entry Plan and serves to guide referrals of homeless persons and families to the FIRST and Best Housing Resource based on their need and specific homeless criteria.

The emphasis is on “first best,” because while the applicant may be eligible for multiple different options, and while not prohibiting the applicant to seek all options, this coordination presents the first and best system resource placement for that person or family. This also ensures the optimum use of very limited resources within our service delivery area, which is the City of Harrisburg and Dauphin County. This Coordinated Entry Tool of course DOES NOT increase beds nor does it guarantee placement.

The Coordinated Entry Tool is an Excel-based spreadsheet with thirteen questions on the referral form which also can be printed. Each question has instructions for answering and with next steps.

Where To First Refer Persons Who Are Homeless – Coordinated Entry and Referral Tool (CERT) & INSTRUCTIONS (updated 03/28/18)

Remember to obtain Client’s Consent for Data Collection & Release of Information (updated 12/31/19):

Consent for Data Collection and Release of Information – Veterans

Consent for Data Collection and Release of Information – Non-Veterans

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