Action Committees

CACH’s success relies upon the Heavy Lifting of its Volunteer Committees! These are Working Committees, and afford your Agency/Organization/Place of Worship/Non-Profit the Best Possible Way to Stay Connected and Involved in Helping Families Move Out of Crisis and into Meaningful & Lasting Success!

Coordinating Committee
This is the Leadership Committee, that meets monthly to coordinate the various Activities and Outreach of the Coalition’s Members. The Core of this committee is comprised of the Chairpersons of all the other CACH committees.

  • Bryan Davis, Chair, (717) 255-6639,
  • Jennifer Doyle, Vice-Chair (for TFEC)
  • Daniel Eisenhauer, Treasurer (for Dauphin County)
  • Catherine “Cadie” Wyatt, Secretary (for Senghor Manns, Harrisburg Housing Authority)
  • Charles Gassert (Housing Committee Chair)
  • Jennifer Wintermyer (Tri County Community Action)
  • Steve Schwartz (Prevention Committee Chair)
  • Adrian Buckner (for United Way of the Capital Region)
  • Heather Cotignola-Pickens (Service Delivery Chair)
  • Angela Wise
  • Crystal Brown (Public Education & Information Committee Chair)
  • Gwen Copeland (for Leo Agresti, Dauphin County Housing Authority)
  • Roy Christ (for City of Harrisburg)
  • Dave Seaman
  • Julia Hoskins (YWCA)

Community Conversation Committee
These Committee Members aggressively pursue increased Engagement & Partnerships with Businesses, Non-Profits, Agencies, and especially Faith-Based Groups. Long-term Sustainability relies on Active Engagement with our Stakeholders, seeking to Continuously Improve the Quality of our Network!

  • Dave Seaman, Chair
  • Denise Britton
  • Alex Fautua
  • Bryan Davis
  • Chuck Wingate
  • Maria Chianos
  • Rev. LaVette R. Paige
  • Jill Snyder
  • Randie Yeager
  • Martha McGraw
  • Mamie Walton
  • Gerald Rhoades
  • Amanda Jantzi
  • Darria Williams
  • Darrell Reinford
  • Frances Robinson
  • George Payne
  • Gloria Merrick
  • Julia Hoskins
  • Krissy Marshall
  • Lisa Peck
  • Natasha Woods
  • Pastor Sheldon
  • Ronda Peters
  • Ruth Stoll
  • Serina Brown
  • Sheila Fleischer
  • Steven Early
  • Tim Whelan
  • Tom Conners

Service Delivery & Data Collection Committee
Members of this Committee are Engaged in Meeting Client Needs Every Day! Monthly meetings focus on Ways to Improve Services and Matching Families to Critical Resources – Healthcare, Social Security, Mental Healthcare, Basic Needs, Housing, Education, Jobs, etc. This Committee is where most of the Service & Housing Providers get together to maintain strong Collaboration & Coordination. Once every Year, this Team Coordinates our Point-In-Time Survey – a detailed report on people we help, and a survey of their needs.

  • Heather Cotignola-Pickens, Chair
  • Vacant, Co-Chair
  • Jimmie Banks
  • Bill Christian
  • Annette Martin
  • Johanna Fessenden
  • Deborah Donahue
  • Denise Britton
  • Kay Pickering
  • Joann Romain
  • John Scarpato
  • Elaine Strokoff
  • Karol Tasker
  • Kim anderson-Sipe
  • Lisa Peck
  • Breyonna Mack
  • Frank Magel
  • Marilyn Bellesfield
  • Dimitri Zozos
  • Deb Ritchey
  • Melinda Zapp
  • Nelva V. Wright
  • Nicole Zenon
  • Rosalyn Deida
  • Steve Schwartz
  • Tara Stevens

Subcommittee – Project Homeless Connect
Our Annual Big Event for Families Living on the Street, in Shelter, or about to leave shelter. Over 70 CACH Member Agencies & Organizations gather under One Roof to Connect these Families-in-Crisis to Services & Housing.

  • Angela Wise, Chairperson, 717/ 234-7931 X 3006,
  • Maria Chianos
  • Gwen Copeland
  • Stewart Henretta
  • Julia Hoskins
  • Amy Kaunas
  • George Payne
  • Bryan Davis

Homelessness Prevention Committee
Members here focus on Ways to Promote Existing – and Develop New – Resources to Help Strengthen Families in order to Prevent Homelessness.

Housing Committee
These Members Explore Opportunities & Partnerships to Increase the Supply and Availability of Quality, Affordable Housing in the CACH Network.

  • Charles Gassert, Chair,
  • Leo Agresti,
  • Fred Banuelos
  • Yolanda Awad-Hart
  • Beth Ellis
  • Julia Hoskins
  • Kristina Marshall
  • Martha McGraw
  • Rev. Crystal Twyman
  • Kathy Possinger
  • George Payne
  • Lynn Stewart
  • Martha McGraw
  • Deb Ritchey

Education and Public Information Committee
Members Plan & Oversee Special Outreach to Families in need, to the Coalition Network Members, and to the General Public. They also work at Promoting Activities of CACH Organizations & Agencies in Social Media.

  • Crystal Brown, Chairperson,
  • Bill Reed
  • Angela Wise
  • Natasha Woods
  • Deb Ritchey

Planning & Resource Development Committee
These Committee Members oversee the Implementation of HOME RUN, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, and Resources to support Coalition & Member activities.

  • Darrel Reinford
  • Bryan Davis
  • Rita Dallago
  • Jennifer Doyle
  • Maria Chianos
  • Michael L. Weisberg

Finance & Budget Committee
Committee Members here focus on Fundraising for CACH Activities and Operations.

  • Dan Eisenhauer, Treasurer and Chairperson, (717) 780-7049,
  • Bryan Davis
  • Jennifer Doyle
  • Deb Ritchey

Subcommittee – Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community

  • Jennifer Doyle, Chair, (717) 236-5040,
  • Bryan Davis
  • Catherine Wyatt
  • Deb Ritchey
  • With members of Planning & Resource Development

CACH Client Information Management System “CCIMS” Committee
These Committee Members focus on Deploying, Maintaining, and Expanding use of the Shared Software Platform for Client Information, Referrals, Case Management, and ways to Improve Client Services through Technology.

  • George Payne, Chair, (717) 255-6431,
  • Deb Ritchey
  • Bryan Davis
  • Julia Hoskins
  • Denise Britton
  • Tara Stevens
  • Hilary Hoover
  • Krissy Marshall
  • Karol Tasker
  • Leo Agresti
  • Jacqueline Rucker
  • John Scarpato
  • Crystal Baxter
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